Schools to train your dog in Monterrey

From the first day that your pet becomes a member of the family, there must be an educational link that teaches you to understand your environment, but above all to help you understand communication with you.

When you have your dog from puppy it is much easier to Boston dog trainer adapt instantly to the rules, instead an adult dog will need more attention and patience in their workouts.


These specialized training schools for dogs have programs suitable for each stage of your pet and the main objective is to train and prepare for various situations and / or activities of daily living.

We know that education for your pet is important. That’s why, we invite you to check out these schools options to train your dog in Monterrey.

Canine School Monterrey

It is a non-profit foundation. All the care and training are by dedicated people, lovers and experts in pets.

In addition, the school has a hotel for when you have to go on vacation, and you can stay up to 24 hours through the cameras installed.

Types of training:

Puppy Training: The program includes basic goals such as learning to sit down, go to bed, get your needs in the right place, etc.

Adult Training: This program reinforces the program principles for puppies with agility activities and rehabilitates social behaviors.

Training for people who are dumb or dumb: A specialized program that teaches them the ability to obey with hands and body language.


Canine training school that has obtained CPDT certification (Certification for Professional Dog Trainers in the United States) and with training of Therapy Dog Trainer.

Its main programs are basic obedience and early socialization.

Canine Urban Obedience

Unlike other canine schools, in Obediencia Urbana you are the coach and the main objective is to strengthen links of understanding and understanding between both.

The program consists of 5 stages: Friend dog, urban, extreme urban companion, 4×4 dog and all-terrain dog.

At the end of the course you present a test to qualify the progress of your dog and yours, when you pass it you will level up and you will receive a diploma.