Mini DV Vs Flash Memory Camcorders

If you’re interested in camcorders you’ve no doubt come across a variety of different models that use differing formats. The two major formats are those of Mini DV and Flash Card based cameras.

Mini DV records Digital Video onto a small cassette and has been one of the most popular formats to use for the last several years. This has been a popular format for student and independent filmmakers, because the end product can be altered so as to look like film. The Flash based camcorders, however, use small SD cards to save data onto.

Usually one of the first things to consider is the price. You can usually get a Flash camera cheaper, but often times sacrifice quality in exchange. While DV Cameras are more expensive, their tapes are not usually reusable. The SD cards that Flash Cameras use are fairly indestructible and can be used over and over again.

If you need to transfer video off of these cameras the Flash camera definitely wins on the side of ease. Even Grandma can just eject the SD card and put it in the computer to e-mail to the rest of the family. With a Mini DV camera, however, one would have to attach a cable, which is often sold separately, to even consider transferring video to a computer.

However, there are exceptions to this. Many lower end models of Mini DV camcorders lack the quality of their middle ground counterparts. Whereas some of the higher end camcorders that record onto flash memory cards are comparable to, if not capable of exceeding, the quality of typical Mini DV camera.

So, if you’re wanting to shoot a video to help you break into the independent film scene, Mini DV would seem to be what you’re looking for. browning game camera review If you just want to shoot some family videos on a budget a Flash Based camera is likely the best choice for you.

But, you should keep in mind that camcorders come in a variety of models and one shouldn’t be hasty in making up their mind. Regardless of the general features and benefits of Flash based and Mini DV camcorders, there are a lot of different features in each and every model out there and it’s not a bad idea to check reviews of them via the internet prior to making an expensive commitment to owning some new, state of the art electronics.

With a camcorder you can capture things on tape that are important to you and watch them years down the road, feeling as though you are right back in that moment of when it happened. A or a is great for this job. For all the free information you need, please check out our website.